Simeons HCG Protocol – Are HCG Diet Phases Really Beneficial for Quick Weight Loss

HCG, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in women during the first trimester of pregnancy. When combined with low calorie diet, this pregnancy hormone plays an essential role in burning fat from human body effectively. In 1950’s, Dr A.T.W Simeons made an extensive research on this hormone and at last unveiled the weight loss properties embedded in it. He mentioned the potentiality of this hormone in his original manuscript “Pounds and Inches” along with the weight loss protocol that need to be followed in order to achieve effective results. There are different forms through which HCG hormone can be infused in the body such as intra-muscular injections, pellets, sprays, gel and oral drops.

Earlier, HCG injection was the one and only medium administer HCG hormone in the body to reduce weight quickly. Though it was really effective in reducing extra pounds quickly but lot of pain and side effects was experienced by the dieter in losing weight quickly. But with the emergence of new forms especially oral HCG sublingual drops, the weight loss program seems to be very easy to follow as dieter can administer the HCG drops under the tongue thrice a day without any pain or side effects. No supervision of medical expert is required while infusing HCG hormones through oral drops which a dieter require while administration of HCG injections as the wrong process can lead to muscle cramps. The oral HCG drops are homeopathic in nature as they are manufactured after the series of rigorous dilution. No mixing is required during the intake of HCG dosage as all the ingredients HCG hormones, B12 vitamin and cell salts are already premixed at the time of preparation. The correct dosage of 10 drops needs to be taken thrice a day along with VLCD during the low calorie diet phases in order to achieve remarkable results.

HCG weight loss program possess strict diet plan as only the food and drinks prescribed by Dr Simeons in his book are only allowed during the diet program. Intake of food items other than what mentioned in the HCG diet guide can prove to be an obstacle in weight loss process. Cheating and heavy workouts are strictly not allowed during the HCG diet as it can make all the efforts go in vain. Light exercises such as Yoga and aerobics can be performed during the diet program in order to gain effective results. A dieter need to prepare foodstuff according to the low calorie recipes available for different phases of HCG diet program in order to gain effective results.

HCG Diet Phases Chart Image

HCG diet is said to be a permanent weight loss diet plan that helps in targeting abnormal fat and burn them quickly in order to achieve slim and attractive physique. Dieters never feel hunger pangs during the low calorie days because the abnormal fat stores when targeted by the HCG hormonal diet, actually release 1500-2000 calories of energy that provide strength to the body during the maintenance and stabilization phase. The excess fat banks accumulated on thighs, hips, chin, belly and abdomen are only targeted during the HCG diet program.  This process also helps in strengthening immune system and helps in cleansing the colon thereby help in providing effective bowel movement that helps in getting fat and starch rich food easily digested as well as prevent the fat from getting accumulated on body parts thereby providing slim and attractive physique to the dieter.

In order to achieve the desired goal weight, a  dieter need to go through the initial 2 days of loading phase, maintenance phase for the minimum of 21 days and finally stabilization phase for 21 days so that diet program can be completed as per weight loss protocol defined by Dr Simeons.

Loading Phase

During the loading phase of HCG diet program, dieters are allowed to consume 1500-2000 calories per day for initial two days of the weight loss program. They need to forcefully load as much food so that abnormal fat reserves can be created in order to prepare the body to combat during the low calorie diet days. Here are certain points that need to be considered when a dieter is going to get started during the loading phase of HCG diet program.

A dieter needs to take 10 drops thrice a day during the first two days of HCG phase 1.He/she can gorge on high calorie food items such as fried chicken, pork, pizza, burger, butter cookies, beef pies, chocolate, rice and macaroni in order to get effective results.Force feeding plays an important role during the loading phase so that abnormal fat reserves can be created that can help body during low calorie days.

Once this initial phase of HCG diet regime is completed, a dieter needs to get started with maintenance phase which is the second phase of HCG diet program.

Maintenance Phase

Maintenance phase is the crucial phase of HCG hormonal diet program in which dieter need to maintain 500 calorie diet (VLCD) along with correct dosage of 10 drops thrice a day for the minimum of 21 days. This phase of is not mere restricted to three weeks but can be extended to 40 days depending on the chance of achieving goal weight. During this phase, HCG hormones, one of the active ingredients in oral drops, enhance the rate of metabolism in the body that target abnormal fat accumulated on different body parts such as thighs, abs, flabby arms, belly, cheeks and butt which gets burnt upto huge extent and release energy in the form of calories which can range in the form of 1500-4000 calories. This bulk energy released along with 500 calorie diet reset the hypothalamus and discard extra pounds quickly upto huge extent. It really provide you with slim and attractive physique in quick time and help in preventing the regain of lost weight provided there is no intake of high calorie food items. Cheating and heavy workout is not allowed during this phase otherwise all the efforts will go in vain and you need to get started with diet program again.

Here are certain points that a dieter needs to consider during phase 2 of HCG diet program

This phase can be extended to maximum of 40 days provided there is chance of achieving goal weight within specified time period. Once the goal weight is achieved, dieters need to get started with final phase of HCG diet program.Heavy workout is not allowed during this phase as it can lead to retention of water. Yoga and other light exercise such as aerobics and brisk walking is allowed as it can help you shed extra pounds quickly.A dieter need to take 10 drops thrice a day along with correct intake of 500 calorie diet on daily basis.Consumption of sugar, starch and fried food items are not allowed as it can disrupt the weight loss program.No hunger pangs during maintenance phase as body is being provided with adequate energy in the form of calories released from abnormal fat banks stored on body parts.Strengthens the immune system.Stabilization phase

This is the final phase of HCG diet program in which dieter can skip the drops. Stabilization phase is said to be the transition phase from low calorie diet to controlled diet with moderate calorie restriction. According to this, men can intake 1000 calories and women can intake 800 calories throughout the day for 21 days in order to get effective results. The main purpose of this diet phase is to stabilize the lost weight and does not let it regain. But it is recommended not to consume sugar, starch or fried food items during the complete HCG diet regime in order to gain effective results. This is the crucial phase of diet program and little bit of cheating can make the things worst. Many of the dieters also lose weight during the final phase of HCG diet program even without intake of HCG oral drops.

Dieter should make a note that he/she can lose maximum of 34 pounds (15 kg) during the maintenance phase. In case, a dieter does not achieve the goal weight even after the completion of maintenance phase, then it is necessary to wait for 4-6 weeks after the completion of stabilization phase in order to get started with another round. This diet protocol is mandatory to follow in order to yield effective results during the HCG weight loss program.

Precautions :Children, above 16 years of age can take HCG drops provided they have attained the age of puberty. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not allowed to follow Simeons HCG diet protocol as they can get started with the diet program once the lactation period is over.One need to consult a physician if he is already on the prescribed medication such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism etc. Women cannot take HCG drops during menstruation period as it can lead to hormonal imbalance. Once it is completed, she can take oral drops thrice a day along with very low calorie diet.One needs to take only form of HCG diet to infuse weight loss hormone in the body during the complete diet program.