Real HCG Drops – Top Signs To Find Out If Your HCG is Real or Fake

The internet is crammed with advertisers trying to sell you their potentially “real HCG drops” but how do you tell if they are fake or legit? There are a few red flags you need to watch out for on any given website trying to sell you HCG drops.  The first thing Is to check and make sure the drops are manufactured in the U.S. If they aren’t they are most likely a big scam. Many companies will put fillers in the bottles to save money with very little of the actual ingredient. Secondly, if you’re looking to buy HCG diet drops thoroughly scan the website and make sure they have a toll free customer service number. If they don’t there is a definite reason why they don’t want to be contacted . . . Their product doesn’t work! This leads to also making sure that there is some sort of guarantee.

Many real HCG drops will come with a guarantee such as a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.  Be sure to check the guarantee before you buy HCG drops so you can be clear of anything in fine print before you make your purchase. I’ve also noticed that every real HCG drops site will have a secured check out with FDA endorsements. If there is no credibility be aware of it.

Second to last make sure they have a good testimonial page not just one that’s been thrown up with a few sentences with a name and no picture. Anyone can do that! Every good site will have names, legitimate pictures and a good list of testimonials. Lastly if the site your buying from has a Facebook page there is a very good chance it is real. Scan their page and comments to determine if they are selling real hcg drops. Speaking of testimonials this is the best way to see them!

Here are a few other dead giveaways that the site your buying through is not legit

–          They try to sell you something else to stack with your so called homeopathic hcg drops – this could be another weight loss product. Trust me, the drops are good enough alone.

–          They try to give you a list of foods that are supposed to curb hunger. HCG alone is supposed to do this job. Trying to give you a list as well is very hypocritical in my opinion.

–          They offer other supplements to help the HCG work faster such as b12 booster shots and class 4 narcotics – Again its meant to work alone and not fill your body full of other garbage.


If you follow all of the points above you shouldn’t have any problems buying the real hcg drops from a credible source.  I have taken the guest work out for you and listed a few sources you can rely on when it comes to purchasing hcg diet drops throughout this site.  If you have any other questions please comment below.