HCG Phase 3 Food List: What’s on the Menu During Maintenance?

The third phase of the HCG Diet is all about maintaining the weight loss that was accomplished during the initial two phases of the diet. Phase two is for losing the weight and phase three is for locking in the weight loss so you are less likely to gain it back in the future. Once you reach this third phase you may be looking for an HCG phase 3 food list, but luckily there isn’t much of a list that you have to follow.
There is a rather restrictive food list for the second phase of the HCG Diet, since that is the most restrictive part of the plan. During the third phase you aren’t required to go by a strict food list because you are allowed to eat whatever you want with just a few very simple rules.

So, here is the only HCG phase 3 food list that you need to consider. It is a brief list of foods that you are not allowed to consume during this phase of the diet:

1. Any food with sugar
2. Any food with starch

It’s as simple as that!

By not eating foods with sugar, it means any food that includes any type of sugar. This means you should be very familiar with words on food labels that mean sugar. If you see any of the following terms listed as a food ingredient, then you should stay away from that food during the third phase of the diet.

There may be some other words that imply a type of sugar in the product, but this covers the most common ones seen on labels today. You will be shocked how many packaged foods do have these sugary ingredients, so you will need to stick with a lot of fresh foods that you know do not include sugars during this phase of the diet.

Starches are much easier to identify, but you have to take this restriction of the diet very seriously. Having just one French fry is not a good idea because starches can sabotage the effort your body is putting out to reprogram that set point so you don’t gain your weight back.

You will be able to add some sugars and starches back into your diet once you have lost all of the weight you need to lose and completed the third phase for the final time. You can make it just three weeks without those foods so have confidence in yourself!

If you were to create an HCG phase3 food list you would add any food that you enjoy which doesn’t have sugar or starch. While there is a sense of freedom with this phase, these two rules do place restriction on the foods you can enjoy for this three week period.

It may be worth the time to create your personal HCG phase 3 food list so you know what to purchase at the supermarket for this duration of the plan. You can spend some time in phase two looking at the labels and adding to your list so you don’t  have to do that all at once the first time you shop for phase 3 foods.