HCG History

Alexis Ferguson   February 24, 2016   No Comments on HCG History

HCG is Born

The original HCG diet was developed by Austrian doctor A.T.W. Simeons in the 1970′s. The use of HCG hormones up until that time had been exclusively for the use of fertility doctors to assist women trying to conceive. The hormone is produced naturally in all human beings, both male and female. In a pregnant female however the HCG hormone levels increase dramatically during distinct stages of the pregnancy until the birth. The HCG hormone was thought to be the reason why pregnant women were able to shed baby weight, fat stored mainly in the abdominal area. It was this function of the HCG hormone that Dr. Simeons recognized as a potential key to weight loss in non-pregnant persons.

First Studies: HCG Diet Origins

Dr. Simeons first began using the isolated HCG hormone in the injectable non-homeopathic form on patients looking to dramatically lose weight. The tests while controversial to this day, were in the opiniones of the researchers an overwhelming success. The injections were not adminstered alone, they included the very strict 500 calorie a day diet regiment. In the controlled HCG diet research study, patients were all required to follow the low calorie diet while half of the participants received the actual HCG hormone in the injection, while the other half were given placepo. The original HCG diet lasted 45 days.

The Results:

The results of the HCG diet trials scored remarkably well in favor of the HCG hormone compound. While all participants lost weight on the HCG trial, the participants in the placebo group averaged a weight loss percentage 3 times over the participants taking the placebo. Furthermore it as determined that the amount of weight loss that was recorded on the HCG group had to have been accelerated in some way to acheive an average weight loss per participant of 31.5 pounds. Where a pound of fat contains (and needs to burn) 3,500-4,000 calories, the average person burns 2,000-2,500 calories a day. Adding in the calories consumed (500) and subtracting them to average daily needs, there is a large remainder that in the estimation of Dr. Simeons, proves the HCG hormone is accelerating the process of fat consumption.

Controversy and FDA

The FDA to this day does not recognize nor label HCG hormones as weight loss product. This does not mean it is or cannot be used, the FDA simply refuses at this point to put its name on it. In 2011 the FDA banned non-homeopathic (compounds which contain real human HCG hormone) from being sold without a prescription in the United States. Since this time many homeopathic versions have been introduced which while not true hormone, are designed to increase the existing hormone production in the human body. Non-homeopathic HCG is still legal but is only available through a doctor, weight-loss clinic, or by purchasing from an overseas pharmacy.