Hcg drops and Feelings of Hunger

Even if you are not going to feel severe hunger when taking the diet drops there may come moments when you will feel cravings for food or sweets. Most people who use the diet drops feel no hunger pangs. Feelings of hunger can be avoided by eating properly during the two loading days, it is really important that you eat a lot of fatty foods during these two days, carelessness with this often leads to large hunger pangs in the first days of the diet. The more fat, the less hunger!

Of course, you may feel the craving for food anyway and there is nothing strange about that, it does not mean that the hcg drops don´t work. It may feel strange to you that your stomach is a little emptier than usual. Your body is accustomed to eating bigger portions at regular intervals, but with the help of diet drops you eventually come to feel satisfied with smaller portions of food.

Reasons for hunger or craving for something to eat can be many. Thurst may be confused with hunger for food. Another common cause for cravings for food is that you are bored or restless or that you are comfort eating. The trick is to focus on something else then eating. Some may think that life is getting a little sadder because many of us are quite focused on food and uninhibited eating. The advantage of going through a diet is that you start counting calories and start to realize how many calories that food in holds and above all how many calories unhealthy food contains. The main purpose of the diet is actually to learn self-control, for a simple truth that will always apply is that if you eat more calories than your body burns, you will become overweight, period.

So what can you do when the urge gets too strong?

1. The Best tip is always to keep yourself busy with something, start a project, redecorate or repaint a room, clean up your garage, start weeding your garden or read a really good book, doing whatever to keep yourself busy until it’s time to relax and sleep. That way you never have time to think about food or feel hunger.

2. Avoid TV viewing, all cooking shows and food/sweets advertising will only make you have cravings for food or sugar.

3. Drink a hot cup of tea, green or black doesn’t matter, take some milk if you like. You can also drink a little bullion, (do not forget to add the number of calories of the bullion).

4. Eat celery or watermelon, watermelon has a good sweet taste and celery has a good Mastication, both contain basically only water.

5. Take a walk, it can take away thoughts of food. Even light exercise produces chemicals that reduce appetite.

6. Go to bed early and avoid cravings for night-food.

7.  Chew sugar free chewing gum. Recent studies show that chewing gum before and after dinner, reduces feelings of hunger and make you eat less.

8.  Drink water, Staying hydrated fills you up and water is of course important to all your body functions. Dehydration can lead to headache, drink regularly throughout the day, remember drink water before you are thirsty!

9. Being hungry is not a disaster! Most people want to do something about it right away! No wonder that people are overweight. The modern man is accustomed to eating large portions at regular intervals during the day, but what was it before?, it is hardly likely that stone age man ate regularly every day, it is more likely that they ate very irregularly with both periods of starvation and periods of good access to food.

10. Brush your teeth! Have you heard of anyone getting hungry after brushing their teeth? And you will have a wonderful breath too as a bonus!