How HCG Diet Solves Signs of Weight Gain

For today’s post, we will get to the core of your weight loss problems. Deal with its side effects, and also discover how strictly following HCG diet plan will eventually solve this issues.

Following a diet plan is not new to everyone who’s into weight loss. For some, exercise is one of the well-known techniques to get rid of stubborn fats, but we also have to be realistic that severe obesity cases takes time to be treated. To those who are looking for innovative techniques in losing weight, HCG diet is one of the protocols you should engage into.

Sign of too much weight gain

Experts say that excessive weight gain is brought by too much calorie intake on a frequent basis and those that can’t be burned especially with the help of exercise and proper diet. If this energy imbalance continues for a long period of time, overweight or obesity strikes in.

Another reason is that many Americans are not that involved with physically engaging activities. According to National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), an average American typically spends 2 hours in front of the television and computer monitor doing work, school, and leisure activities. Aside from that, genes and family history, health condition, lack of sleep and emotional factors are causes of too much weight gain.

Why take HCG Diet Plan?

Some medical experts know HCG diet as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a natural hormone that is produced in pregnant women to help store body fat. Believe it or not, when used for diet, it helps you burn fats and decreases your appetite.

Including some of the HCG diet plans in your diet allows you to lose 1 – 2 pounds per day so this new form of diet is really applicable if you want to get back into shape the fast and effective way. Here are some signs of too much weight and how HCG diet solves these issues.

Ageing and Skin Problems

We all know that getting older is very unavoidable. This condition often causes slow metabolism. Dr. Simeons, one of the HCG diet proponent observes that HCG changes a person’s metabolism in their body by means of controlling the hypothalamus.

Aside from metabolism, HCG also addresses wrinkles, sagging skin and old look because this diet has components that can improve your skin’s elasticity. Definitely, using HCG Drops can promote contoured facial features and unleash a healthy and natural grow.

We have been told many times that stress causes sudden weight gain. Stress also lets you indulge in unhealthy food choices and over eating. In this scenario, you eat because you want to compensate. And what you eat are comfort foods that usually contain more calories.

What HCG diet does is that it resets the hypothalamus gland and if this is controlled, it can help in weight loss. Having said that, stress levels need to be kept low when following the HCG Diet to avoid physiological and psychological effects which results to depression.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea and weight gain are interconnected with one another. According to NHLBI, 50% of those who have sleep apnea are also overweight. When you gain excess pounds, tissues in and around the airway are more vulnerable to collapse as muscles relax during sleep.

With the help of HCG Drops, overweight individuals have lower risks of acquiring sleep apnea and other health risks like heart attack, diabetes, memory loss and high blood pressure. And getting fit can change the way you look at yourself and your overall personal appearance. Of course, the promise of a healthy life will be yours once you have learned how to use its benefits to your advantage.