HCG Diet Recipes

For everyone that has either done the HCG diet or knows someone who has done the HCG diet, a huge difference in the success of the diet are the variety and quality of recipes that the person has. HCG diet recipes are a lot like other recipes in the sense that they can be delicious or they can be disgusting. Se have spent countless hours putting together a recipe book that includes some of the tastiest HCG diet recipes that have ever been made. We include a free copy of the recipe book with every purchase.

Why Do The Recipes Make A Difference?

Some people ask why the recipes make such a difference, the answer is simple. When on the HCG diet you are going to have to eliminate or replace some of the cravings you are going to have, you may not think you crave anything but once you can’t have something you will start to crave it, having delicious recipes and food to fill that void will help you get over the cravings and allow the HCG drops to help shed the unwanted pounds. With over 200 recipes compiled in what we consider one of the most extensive, healthy and delicious HCG diet recipe books available we are proud to give a copy to everyone who makes a purchase from our site.

Recipes Help Keep The Weight Off

Once you have completed the HCG diet and lost an amazing amount of weight you are going to start to eat more normally more variety of food. Having good healthy meals to cook will make a huge difference in how effective you are in keeping the weight off.

Many people ask “Will I keep the weight off that I lose after I am done with the diet?” and the answer is very simple. If you go back to eating the same foods, in the same amounts that you were before the diet, with the same lifestyle then of course you are going to gain the weight back. The awesome thing about the compilation of recipes we have put together to support the HCG diet is that the recipes are so good that you will want to continue to use them after you have hit you target weight loss goal. This makes eating healthy a lot easier.

The research that was done on the HCG diet by Dr. Simeons suggests that the diet and HCG help to “reset” a persons metabolism and the way that the body handles the storage and use of fat. We believe this is true and that if followed correctly a person can have lasting weight loss with the proper diet. Our collection of recipes can be used to support the diet whether you are using HCG injections or HCG diet drops. Having a plan is one of the best ways to ensure success, recipes are an important element to the HCG diet plan.