HCG Diet Plan

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What Is The HCG Diet – What Are The Facts That You Should Know About HCG Diet For Obesity?

Weight gain has been a problem for a lot people in different ages all over the world. The United States has the highest rate of obesity, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC,) 35.7 % of adults in America are obese while 17% of American children have obesity problem as well.

Most Americans are aware of this problem but still struggles to lose pounds and inches away because of the demands of their jobs or other personal matters and find it hard to go to the gym and exercise regularly.

Fast food habits of many people can also be a challenge because the more they indulge in unhealthy eating, the more it will be difficult for them to lose weight. Thanks to the modern world of medicine that has given us the access to quick and easy way to achieve our desired body weight.

There are many diet programs that promise to give the best result in the shortest possible time. One of them is the HCG Diet, a program dedicated to address severe cases of obesity and overweight. Because of this protocol’s popularity, there are endless discussion on its effectiveness and the possible effects when it is taken.

If you really want to have a better understanding on HCG diet plan, here are all the facts here are the facts that you should know to emerge successfully in this diet.

What is HCG Diet Plan?

You might find it interesting to know that HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. It is made from the cells that compose the placenta which nourish the eggs that are fertilized.

One of the functions of HCG is to ensure that the baby inside the womb and the mother gets the recommended amount of calories and nutrients therefore, when hcg diet drops are mixed with the recommended recipes which you can find when you buy hcg kits, you can lose 1 pound per day.

How HCG Diet Plan Can Help You?

One of the various reasons why many are struggling with obesity and weight problems aside from lack of exercise is because of their unhealthy eating habits. Many people have this uncontrollable desire to eat which often results to being overweight. This is where HCG diet can be very helpful.

HCG helps control your appetite by suppressing your hunger and activating the body to use your unwanted fats as fuel. Undergoing the HCG diet protocol also requires you to, it lessens your caloric intake to only 500 to 800 calories per day. That is almost ¼ of the calories of an average dietary intake of a person. Because of that, your body’s metabolism will increase and would result to weight loss.

Is the Result of HCG Diet  Fast?

Many people choose to follow a specific type of diet plan because they find it easy and comfortable to follow. In addition, they are also up to the instant result that it can give. For those who have already gave up because of the minimal changes that they see while on a different diet program, you can try HCG diet plan and see for yourself/

Many people who have used HCG diet injections, diet drops and kits have been satisfied with the fast result that they got since they started using it.

When HCG diet is strictly followed, a person can lose 1 pound per day or about 20-30 lbs in one month. It is not a surprise to have this kind of result with the 500 calorie per day that a person is taking.

What are the Side Effects of Taking HCG?

Side effects are normal in any diet plan. Users of this diet attribute their clear and firm skin because of the hormone. It also increases men’s testosterone level. There are many side effects of HCG diet plan, and you can find them here.

How to Use HCG Diet Plan to Your Advantage?

Even if a lot people are following the HCG Diet plan to achieve their desired body weight, a reputable HCG diet Coach that can guide is very beneficial for a successful weight loss.

Enumerated below are some of the known benefits of HCG Diet Plan. Usually, these are some of the immediate results when you take HCG diet drops and HCG diet injections. Surprisingly, some of these effects are not found in other diet programs available in the market today.

  • For men 40 and up, testosterone levels are slightly elevated and metabolism is increased.
  • For obese patients, redistribution of fat is realized, therefore, a decreased in flabby fat areas are felt and seen.
  • For weight conscious couples, reports say that there’s an increased libido for men and women.
  • For those who got fat because of cakes,pies cookies and more you will experience a decreased craving for tempting desserts such as these.
  • For those who are hesitant to go on a crash diet, you will not starve because of the lack of calories because your body is naturally fulfilled.
  • For those who wants to have a healthy body, Fat burning without compromising muscle is produced.
  • For those who value price and quality, HCG Diet is an inexpensive and simple program to follow.

How are the HCG diet drops taken?

These are taken under our olfactory organ. The blood vessels under our tongue is the one that is primary responsible in absorbing the liquid drops.

What should you take, HCG Drops or Injections?

Despite HCG Diet Injections faster effect, many still prefer HCG diet drops since subcutaneous injections are undeniably expensive in the market today and it needs a lot of supplies and tools such as mixing syringe, bottles, bacteriostatic water and pads.

How HCG Diet Drops Works Effectively?

There are many ways on how HCG drops works effectively for weight management. Either you take it on a required amount of dosage or mix it on a comprehensive HCG diet plans or recipes. These are also found in a magazine or booklet offered for free if you purchase these products.

How to Buy the Right HCG drops online

HCG Diet drops are available in different sizes. It does not require you an over the counter prescription. You have to consult an HCG diet coach first before buying because they will guide you towards safe usage of the product. For more information about HCG diet drops and HCG injections, you can browse our website.