HCG Diet Maintenance

A great way to lose weight is with the HCG diet. This diet has assisted many people to break the obesity cycle as well as the negative health effects that being overweight does to the body. It’s a simple diet; trying to stay on it, however, can be a challenge. The “maintenance” phase is one of the most difficult HCG diet phases. What is this phase? The maintenance phase, lasting for 3 weeks, commences after your VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) protocol. First, you must make sure that HCG is out of your system completely. You accomplish this step by following 3 days of your low calorie diet before you switch to the maintenance phase.

 This HCG diet maintenance phase is really quite simple: Avoid artificial sweeteners, sugars, and starches while you eat whatever you want to. This may be difficult to do because many foods contain sugars and starches, even those foods that you think don’t. You should by now be good at controlling your portions and the food types you eat from the diet’s first part. Many people therefore think the maintenance phase is unnecessary. It is crucial to your success at losing weight to not skip this diet’s part. You will be stabilizing your weight in this phase so that you do not stay on a diet rollercoaster of losing and gaining big weight amounts.

 To make sure your weight does not fluctuate wildly, you must check, at least twice each day, your weight. If you gain too much weight, what will happen? Say you gain 2 pounds. You must then immediately take a “steak day” which is not eating breakfast or lunch, but instead a full steak with plenty of water and some tomatoes. You will lose excess weight and you will stablilize your body if you force your body to consume lean proteins.

 This maintenance phase which does not rapidly store unwarranted pounds gets your body adjusted to its new weight. There are not many hard instructions or strict requirements to do during this phase which may be difficult. The main idea of this phase is for you to regulate your own diet, learn to avoid certain foods outright, and listen to your body. You want to learn to feed yourself whatever you need. In order to do this, you must be aware of your own level of energy throughout the day and choose the right foods to give you a boost of power as well as to maintain your weight.

 Once this phase is completed, you will then have the self-discipline and tools to maintain this healthy weight and you will look great. Do not fret if you eat something you shouldn’t or lapse. This is all part of the process; just have your steak day and then start all over again.