Recently I’ve visited many websites, read comments and opinions, and watched videos of dozens of people on the internet that have dared to try the HCG diet, and discovered that there’s no such thing as real or fake hCG drops. I think your experience combined with the other users is all that counts here. I’ve come across forums and pages where simple drops + moderate calorie meals have been more than enough to get verified weight loss results.

There has been much discussion in recent times about drops, hcg injections, or, on the contrary, whether the hCG diet has no real benefit in weight loss. If you analyze the Dr. Oz show on this topic (you can find it here), you can easily see that there were a large number of opinions on the subject. For some, the diet threatens their general health—causing dizziness, headaches, and nausea—while others were amazed to be able to lose 1.5 lbs a day without feeling too hungry, thanks to the effect that the hormone produces in the body.

weight loss 2  Perhaps you’re looking for the real hCG drops because you’ve heard or read somewhere that the homeopathic drops don’t contain the hCG hormone and therefore don’t contribute to weight loss. If this were true, how is it possible that people lost 30 – 40 lbs in 30 days using a diet of 500 calories a day with plain, conventional hCG drops?

I’ve begun to analyze the content of the discussion on Dr. Oz’s program, in addition to most online opinions, and easily found that anyone who adopts the hCG treatment uses either homeopathic drops or injections. Within the category of drops there are any number of them —for example, those that are sold in pharmacies, those that are sold online —however they all use water and/or alcohol, amino acids, and dye, and use measurements like 2x, 3x, 125IU, 200IU to measure the level of  concentration. (Nowhere has it been proven that X or Y measurement is the original.) Those that have dared to try and follow the HCG plan have seen results using simple drops regularly for a specified period of time.

Some sites say that the homeopathic drops don’t work because the concentration of hormone is extremely low. If this were so, no homeopathic medicine of any kind would be beneficial for health, and the general theory of homeopathy (which mentions that one should use small portions of a particular solution to produce the same effect in the body as the original substance) would not be accepted by many doctors worldwide and would not be a treatment for many maladies.

The Added Value for HCG Drops

Something that I would recommend analyzing before taking any of the drops in the market would be its complements, or added values. There are some that include a weight reduction program of 30 days, while others present alternatives with meal plans for the HCG diet and important practices to ensure an optimal long-term result from using the drops. Given that it has been proven that the diet doesn’t work without a strict nutrition plan of between 500 and 1200 calories, it’s very important to get specific meal plans that ensure the goal of weight loss, not more ambiguous advice about how to burn fat or how to do X or Y exercise.

Price Analysis

Another aspect that is the subject of discussion and that to me is the most convincing proof of my theory is the price of the “original drops” against the homeopathic ones. The price for four months’ worth of doses of the “real drops” is almost $100, with which you can lose around 40 lbs; the homeopathic ones cost the same, for a treatment of one and a half months and weight loss of approximately 35 lbs. It’s completely illogical to me that the originals cost the same as the fakes yet the same weight is lost in more than twice the amount of time. Would you pay to get the same results in more time using the supposedly real drops when there are others that can do it in less time? Is there really such a thing as real drops? I firmly believe not.

Satisfaction Guarantee

weight loss 5   If you are not getting a enough guarantee for your drops, don’t order them—period. One of the most popular weight loss drops offers a money-back guarantee, plus $10 more. A seller would need to be very sure of the performance and quality of the drop-based diet to provide such a guarantee, so such a product would definitely be something worth trying. Some suppliers of the supposed real hcg drops give a 30-day guarantee which clearly indicates in their policy that the product should be returned unopened and the return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. The most popular web supplier offers 90 days with the return shipping paid by the company. From 30 to 90 days – how much guarantee would be enough for you?

Of course everyone wants to make use of the best treatment and obtain the desired results in the least possible time. What you should know going forward is that there isn’t any such thing as real or fake hCG—they all have a different composition, name, and policy, but ultimately they are simply drops. Nevertheless, I’ve discovered that the most popular online offer the chance to choose different meal plans according to weight loss goal, value-added additions, and the unbeatable guarantee on their websites. Go and click here, take a look and begin your weight loss plan tomorrow if you want to.